Caravan Space Saving Ideas

If you own a caravan or a motorhome then you know that when you are on tour van space is at a premium. You will want all the comforts of home, but you can’t take a shed or a garage with you to store all your knickknacks in.

With innovative storage ideas you’ll be able to maximise what you can take with you, without being so cluttered that you can’t relax and enjoy your trip.

Here at Van Space we can offer you help with some very astute space saving ideas. Our brilliant space savers are done with a close eye on budget.

Caravan space solutions

Having a smooth road trip and all you need at hand when you park up is a huge part of enjoying time with your caravan.

We all know that caravanning is all about being able to go wherever you want and have a home from home while getting away from it all.

Van Space

Avoid over packing

This website is to help you get the best out of your space so you can take more stuff with you so this first tip would seem to go against the grain.

However, what we mean is that as space inside your motorhome or caravan is so precious you should first abstain from over packing.

Take a sensible approach to what you need to take and limit it to that.

Space saving products

Wherever possible make use of multi-functional products that have more than one use. If the item you want doesn’t have more than one use, then try and buy a space saving one.

Such as something that is a fold out, collapsible, or pop out product.

Instead of a normal ironing board with legs use one that just goes on top of your table. Any item that can fold away, is collapsible or a pop-up instead of being full size when not in use will offer you extra space in your caravan.

The great outdoors

Simple household jobs like washing, cooking and cleaning can be a lot more fun or a bigger chore with or without the right equipment. There is nothing better than hanging out your washing in the great outdoors.

Doing Laundry while in a caravan.

Spacious motorhomes

Obviously, it helps if your caravan or motorhome is a decent size to start with. At the Motorhome Depot in Redditch Worcestershire they have a big range of BIG motorhomes to choose from. They stock and are authorised dealers for Adria, Elddis and Burstner.

Burstner Motorhome
Burstner Motorhome

The German manufacturer Burstner produce some great motorhomes with really well thought out interiors.

German made Burstner Motorhome
Burstner Interior

Adria interior space

You can see the Adria interior space you get with the Sonic Supreme 810sc shown here. The interior design is one of clean lines that offers plenty of kitchen workspace.

Adria Interior Space
Adria Interior Space

European road trips

If you are thinking of taking a month-long road trip throughout the continent towing your caravan, visiting places like France, Spain and Italy then you will be glad of a sizeable caravan that offers substantial kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Travelling abroad does give you a few extra things to take account for. Firstly make sure your insurance covers you whilst touring mainland Europe and you should certainly consider European breakdown cover.

An annual policy will save you money in the long term if you are the sort of intrepid traveller who is likely to take several trips a year. For people who have holiday homes in France then they can make big savings with an annual policy.

If it’s a one-off trip, then a European breakdown cover single trip policy makes sense. The other thing to consider when driving your towing vehicle or motorhome is the headlight beam will need to be converted.

For all things driving or motorcycling in France see the Drive-France website and if looking to go further afield check out the Post office website to see about international driving permit.

If you never tried it, they have some great roads and places to visit in Poland.

European Road Trip Poland
European Road Trip Poland

Storage products

Anything that needs to be stored or carried is ideally suited to be stored in something that is collapsible so the storage container itself doesn’t take up space when not in use.

Having items hanging up where possible will save space so hooks or rails can be very useful especially in the kitchen.

If your hooks are in the shape of a dogs tail then so much the better!

Save space by using hooks

A lot of good vans come equipped with magnetic strips in the kitchen so you can store knives without taking up space. If your caravan or motorhome doesn’t have one it isn’t that big a job to put one up yourself.

The more items that can be hung up to save floor space is a bonus whether that be shoes, toiletries or household cleaning items.

You can get hangers with netting underneath that offer further options to hang items in.

Space saving hanging bag

Stackable storage boxes and particularly ones that fit inside each other like Russian dolls are terrific space savers.

Space saving storage boxes
Space saving storage boxes

Caravan and motorhome awnings

Having an awning on your caravan or motorhome will certainly help create outside space. A simple method to create some shade for you to sit in and enjoy.

Inflatable awnings are simple to put and can be done in just a few minutes and they save weight.  The weight savings over normal awnings are made because they have fewer or in fact no poles at all.

Caravan Awning


Don’t over-pack, declutter as much as you can. Use a pre-trip checklist to make sure you are not taking things half way round the country that you will never use.

If you haven’t used something for the last two or three trips you’ve taken then take it out of your van because the chances are you are never going to.

Motorhome interior space.

When you pack ready for the trip be as organised as possible so as not to waste an inch of space. Use overhead space and get as much off the floor as possible.

Don’t take books, DVD’s or music CD’s, use Kindle or other digital options to keep all your media stored on one small device.

Where possible use collapsible dishes, bowls, cooking utensils that nest inside one another to save kitchen space.

Hanging items and using netting to store items off the floor and thereby saving space.

Hang utensils to save kitchen space

Other resources

If you are new to caravans or motorhomes checkout the Caravan Club website of Great Britain and the Caravan owners club.

Regarding your driving license and whether you are legally allowed to tow a caravan always check with the DVLA. Full towing information can be found here.

If you wish to travel further afield and visit countries like Thailand then may I suggest you visit the Skye Walks blog and read about Jill Banthorpe’s travels around Asia.

Also a special thank you to Ed at EEHub who has helped us a great deal with our business plan.